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2 simple tips for beginner local SEO’s

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SEO can be daunting for local businesses, it can seem like a task that can take up a huge amount of time learning about the different ins and outs before actually taking any action.

The constant fear of doing things wrong can truly hold an individual. It turns out though that local SEO can actually be quite easy and most things are actually quite simple. Remember, you don’t need to be an outright expert on the topic to begin taking action in improving your rankings for local terms! We brought in a local SEO expert from SEO Swansea to help give his 2 cents:

“Whether you are looking to optimise for a single keyword, or a range of keywords with one page, make sure to keep it readable. There is nothing worse than a poorly written Google listing, it can really harm your clickthrough rate!” – Jake Bates

One simple trick is to make sure that your title and meta tags are optimised for your target keywords. This can be done very easily in about 5 minutes. Try to make sure that the keywords are in there, but not ‘stuffed’ in such a way that it compromises the way that the title and meta description is read. A good example of this would be:

Bad Example of Optimisation:

Title: Plumber NYC | Plumbing in NY | Plumbrite
Meta Description: We are plumbers in the NY area, providing plumbing services throughout New York. Take the time to visit our website for a great plumbing service today.

Good Example of Optimisation:

Title: Plumbrite | Expert Plumbers In New York City

Meta Description: Plumbrite provide professional and affordable plumbing solutions for all areas of NYC. Our plumbers are trained to the very highest standards.

See what I did there? The bad example doesn’t read right at all and in most cases would put off a reader from clicking on your website. Also, the bad example of optimisation would most likely lead to lower rankings anyway due to the keywords being stuffed in there too many times.

So there you have it, an easy way to improve your search engine visibility in less than 5 minutes!

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