Infographics Need Colors







Over the past couple of years, infographics have greatly influenced the marketing strategy of companies when it comes to the advertisement approach of their products and services. The potential of infographics to store and relay a lot of useful information in an interestinwhy3g and simplistic way for the companies has made it one of the leading marketing campaigns in every industry. provide infographics, and are available to help with any of your advertising and graphic design needs. When it comes to infographics, color is a very important aspect. Here are several facts which make colors crucial for infographics especially when it comes to marketing.

  1. Brain programming – Our mind is programmed to a genetic level to respond to different colors. The most noticeable scenario is when you see a traffic light and can immediately recognize the meaning of the green, yellowwhy2 and red colors. Most companies which use bright colors. For example, red is often specifically used to take advantage of the response that people will stop when they see red.
  2. First 90 seconds – Consumers rarely spend more than 2 minutes looking at a product, advertisement or infographic. Colors can attract consumers and make them interested within the first 90 seconds. By keeping consumers’ attention, you are potentially creating an opportunity for profits and sales.why1
  3. Color ads are read more than black & white ads – People would prefer to read anything with colors rather than plain black and white images. Colors can increase the marketing potential of infographics by attracting more people to read it.
  4. Most purchasing judgements are based on color – Many people have a specific color or combination of colors they prefer. This is the reason companies release products on different colors to attract as many consumers as possible. Infographics with different color schemes can also get the same effect from consumers.
  5. Color increases brand why4recognition – Infographics used by companies will contain their brand. Using color on printing the brand can increase the business profile of the company. Successful large companies have already used a specific color to their brand which allow consumers to link the color to their brand.
  6. Most purchasing decisions are made at the store – Shoppers rarely have a complete list of what they will be purchasing at the store. In most cases, they will end up purchasing items which they only see at the store. Colors can attract customers which give the product a chance to be purchased along the way.

Color has been a vital part of infographics. It provides depth and variation allowing the infographics to standout and caught the attention of anyone passing by. For companies which are planning to take advantage of infographics for their marketing campaign, using relevant colors which can represent their brand would be the best choice.