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Methods to integrate Social Media into a website

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Social media is a perfect way of passing information to the esteem consumers about the occurrences, news and even promotions linked to industry or business organisation. To be accessible to the consumers offered by social media, it is important to provide seamless changes across every digital platform occupied, for instance, the website. The following are methods to integrate social media into the website.

1. Include social share buttons to blogs – It is essential to promote social sharing on the website including social share buttons. This increases the frequency of posts across the social media. As a result of it, there will be more exposure to the social media accounts, brand, and even the website. Most social networks give procedures for adding particular share buttons to the website.

2. Additional of Facebook comments to the website – Including Facebook comments to the website has an advantage like reduction spam by ensuring that people who make comments first login using their Facebook personal accounts while commenting on a particular blog post or news articles. In addition, it can also assist the pages to become more exposed by encouraging users to make updates and posts to their personal Facebook any time comments are submitted.

Facebook gives a Facebook comments box code generator to make short snippet of code that has ability to copy and paste into the website.

3. Google Authorship to Website contributors – The Google authorship can be added to the website contributors. Buzz around Google+ irregular from the moment it was launched, but it still have an impact to search results.

There are several ways to enhance the SEO with Google+. Also the way to integrate the Google+ with the website, including confirming website with Google+ page and adding Google+1 buttons.

Though one website integration characteristic that makes Google+ unique in relation to other social networks is the ability to confirm the Google+ profiles of persons with the contents every post on the website.

Google+ authorship gives a chance to associate an author on the website the author’s Google+ profile. The moment an article appear in search outcome, the author’s photo appears together with the result. This gives searches an option to include the author to the available circles and an opportunity to look at other articles written by the author.

In conclusion, the methods used in the social media and website integration can create the best grounds for the targeted group if used correctly.

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