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The importance of an Affiliate Marketing website

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As an online affiliate marketer, your most essential tool is your website. Your affiliate site is the online equivalent of a store in which you invite interested shoppers to come in, see what you have to offer and encourage them to buy from you. Of course, as an affiliate marketer, what you’re promoting are not your products but those of the merchant that you’re acting as an affiliate for. Here are some of the essential characteristics of successful affiliate websites.

As part of your training with Six Figure Mentors (Review), you will have your own personal affiliate website that is ready for you to start online marketing with. The website is not only optimized for affiliate links and to be search-engine friendly, it is also mobile-responsive so that it looks good when viewed on mobile digital devices. It is ready for you to start implementing everything that you have learned about online marketing so that you can start making money and building a decent recurring income.

  • They have good content that is regularly refreshed. Content not only helps your leads find you on the Internet, it also brands you as an authority in a particular subject area. When you have unique content that is useful to web users and is optimized with relevant keywords, it helps you get high rankings on search engine results pages. The higher your ranking, the more likely your link will get clicked on by users conducting a search in your market niche. Good content also means that you are ranked as more relevant by search engine bots, helping boost your rankings further.
  • The site is well-structured. Not only is it easy for users to find the content they want, the site has good internal linking structure with no broken links. This means that users can easily navigate to the page that they want with just a few clicks. Thus, they are more likely to stay longer on the site exploring your content rather than going to another site because they are frustrated.
  • The affiliate links are logically integrated into the content. While you should put banners and other online advertising that site visitors can click on that will bring them to the merchant’s site, it would be more effective if you include the link as part of your content. For example, in an article on the foods that you can eat that would boost your metabolism, you can add a link at the end to a weight loss supplement.

Thanks to Gareth Bull (garethseoconsultant.co.uk) for this awesome guest post.

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